Monday, September 23, 2013

Navy Air Force Half Marathon & Navy 5 Miler Photos - 2013

Last weekend, Dash & I went to spectate the Navy Air Force Half Marathon & Navy 5 Miler.  We had some peeps running and we wanted to cheer them on!

My photos are located HERE!

We got to DC, parked and realized, It's a beautiful day for a run in our Nation's Capital!

We saw a few peeps, was informed they switched both courses, so now we would be able to spectate both the Half Marathon & the 5 miler.    We wished our peeps luck and headed out to spectate.

Dash made me stop for a picture:

and then we proceeded to watch the race begin.  

One of our runners is also in the Coast Guard, so he reps them proudly during military races.  He ran away from the pack at the start.

We then scurried over to Hains Point to watch the start of the 5 miler,where Dash patiently awaited her peeps.

These two lovely ladies nabbed AG awards and PRs!

The race was a little hectic, the Half Marathon finished on the 5 miler course, and so the faster Half Marathon runners wound up running into the end of the 5 mile race.  Luckily, Pat had some escorts to clear his path through the crowd.

After Pat passed us, we ran to the other side of Hains Point and watched the rest of the race.

Pat wound up winning, with a 3 minute PR!
So this one cop says to the other, "Hey, I think we've got a tail."

One of our ladies was 3rd in the 5 Miler!

Along with another of our ladies nabbing 3rd OAF in the Half:

 Dash may have missed some of the action

Of course, we had loads of great results, many of PR's, a few men in the top 10, and lots of fun!

We totally missed this girl in the race, but luckily found her to congratulate her afterwards!

The next race we plan on spectating at is MCM!!!  Dash is in training!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Crime Solvers 5k Photos, PLUS Leesburg 20k/5k Photos

As I previously mentioned, my running club was assisting Fairfax County Crime Solvers on their first ever race!  I'm excited to report it was a huge success!  We're already planning the 2014 race!

On race morning, I was there taking pictures.  If you raced it, the photos from the event are located HERE.

The morning was amazing!
FCPD was there with some displays, and their K9 dog, named DANO 

FCPD was on hand (and ran the race!)

People seemed to REALLY enjoy themselves

But in the end, it was still a race, and races always have winners:

Dash didn't make it out with me, but this other top dog did:

Yeah, he wasn't there just for me, the kid's fun run was a huge success as well!

Next Up, CARpeeps were running Leesburg 20k/5k.  Dash & I were there to spectate and take pictures, they're located HERE.

Peeps sure know how to have a good time in a race:

Of course, in the end, it's all business:


Dash was very impressed

If you raced either race, congratulations!!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crime Solvers 5k!

Yes, so two posts in one day!  You are lucky!

 A friend and old co-worker had contacted me recently about putting on a race.  He recently became the President of the Board of Fairfax County Crime Solvers and they wanted to put on a race to benefit this great organization.

My running group, Capital Area Runners, has been looking into organizing a race, so we gladly offered to assist him in putting the race together!!

All net proceeds from the race will benefit Fairfax County Crime Solvers.  

If you've heard about Crime Solvers, but aren't exactly sure how they work (I didn't), here's the run down:  
  • Crime Solvers is a non-profit organization, manned by concerned citizens.  They rely solely on donations from local businesses and private citizens. No tax dollars are used for rewards. In short, Crime Solvers depends on you for the funds to pay those who provide the information that helps Crime Solvers fight crime!
  • Anyone with knowledge of a crime can call the tip line or send an anonymous e-mail OR download the TIP app  for Iphone or Droid user. Tipsters do not give their names or phone numbers, and they never have to make a court appearance. When a tip is received, a fact sheet is filled out which includes a brief summary of the information provided by the tipster. The tip taker then assigns a "caller number" to that person. That number is the only form of identification the tipster will need for any further communication with Crime Solvers, and if and when a reward is paid to the tipster.
    If the information provided results in an arrest and indictment, apprehension of a fugitive or the recovery of stolen property or illegal narcotics, a cash reward ranging between $100 to $1000 is paid to the tipster.
  • So, help fight crime and get rewarded!  This is a really wonderful program!
  • Does it work?  YOU BETCHA!  Since the program began in October 1979, information received through Crime Solvers has led to the arrest of almost 800 criminals, including more than 200 fugitives, and the closure of more than 1,700 crimes, which include murders, rapes, robberies and burglaries. Over $3,291,585 in stolen property and illegal narcotics has been recovered.

If you are in the Fairfax, Virginia area on August 4, 2013, I hope you will think about joining us for this Inaugural 5k!

Here's what you need to know:

Sunday, August 4, 2013
8:00 am
Fairfax Corner Shopping Center, Fairfax, VA
Now Open - Click Here!
This 5k is a USATF-certified course (click here) runs through Fairfax Corner Shopping Center, and surrounding roads.
Kids Fun Run:
There will be a free kid's fun run following the 5k at 8:45 AM.
The race will be chip timed by Results will be posted to their results page race day. Runners must wear the chip assigned to them to be timed.

I hope you will consider joining us!!  If you can't run, and would still like to participate, consider Volunteering, or Sponsorship of this great event!!!  Email our Race Director at Racedirector at capitalarearunners dot com for more information.

Where in the World is DASH? Race Photos!

I'm still here! 

I owe an update, but basically I'm still running, pool running, and going to races to take photos!

So, yeah - We've been going to races and taking photos:

Star Kids 5k!  Race Photos are HERE!  CAR ladies took 2-3-4!

 Pikes Peek 10k!  Race Photos are HERE!  CAR rocked!

Potomac River Run Marathon!  Race Photos are HERECAR manned the water stop:

Dash had a great time!
Reston Mother's Day Four Miler!  Race Photos are HERE!  CAR ladies took 1-3!

Reston Father's Day 5k!  Race Photos are HERE!  CAR wins the women's race!

Reston Firecracker 5k!  Race Photos are HERE!  CAR rocked the race out!!!

So did DASH!

More to come!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

St. Patrick's Day 8k - 2013

As promised, I am posting the pics from the Washington DC St. Patrick's Day 8k, in more timely fashion than my previous pics.

If you ran, maybe I caught you, although I mostly only took pics for the first 35-40 minutes.  My pictures are HERE.

We got there early, hooked up with some other teammates who were spectating, and headed down the road to catch the race start:
Thanks to Jess for this great pic!

As usual, Dash made sure she was appropriately festive:

Our CARmates had some smokin' fast times in the race:

This girl kicked some serious booty:

And a job well done by all!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

2013 Race Photos - Reston New Years Day 5k | Have a Heart for Hoffman 5k | Bright Beginnings 5k | Reston 10 Miler

I've been a failure about posting about races Dash & I have spectated at, and giving links to the race photos.

Here's the catch up:

Reston New Years Day 5k - Race Photos are HERE

I got a new camera lens for Xmas, and it was my first time getting to test it out.  We had 2nd place male in the race, top ten women and many PR's.  As usual, Dash got to hang out with her peeps:

The next race we spectated at was Have a Heart for Hoffman Boston Elementary 5k - Photos HERE.

It was a last minute decision to spectate, as Allison was running, and inability to sleep in had me up at the crack of dawn anyway.  I was excited that the pictures came out so well, the type of weather conditions were the reason that I wanted my new camera lens and it worked like a charm in the race!  Plus Allison nailed a huge PR (even with a slip & fall mid-race), and nabbed 2nd AG!

Next up was a race I was going to run myself.  Flat and on Hains Point.  Our coach wound up making it a prescribed race for our team and since I got sick the week before, I decided to play photographer, hoping to catch some amazing team photos.  The race was Bright Beginnings 5k - photos are HERE.

Here comes our race winner
& 2nd place Male

2nd place female

Cris PR'd

Allison PR'd AGAIN
Dash got love
and more love...

The NEXT Day was the Reston 10 Miler - Photos are HERE.  Amy was running, so Dash, myself, Allison, & Jessica went out to spectate.  Being that the race was 2 miles from my house, it was easy!

We misread the map ( and when I say "we", I mean "me") and missed the race start.  

Luckily someone set us straight and we were able to catch Amy at mile 3.

Again at mile 6

and coming in strong for a PR finish:

I was glad we went to spectate.  Amy was going through the official pictures, and while she didn't find any of her there, she did find this beauty in the official race photos:
Clearly I'm not the only one obsessed with her.
This weekend I'm heading into DC to spectate the St. Patty's Day 8k.  I'll post those pics in a more timely fashion!