Monday, November 2, 2009

Pool Running - The Video

Happy Halloween, and what better way to scare the crap out of everyone, than me in a bathing suit in the pool!


It's a lot harder to video tape yourself pool running than I thought. There were a few difficulties as the range of the camera is not very far, so hopefully this is enough for you to get an idea. The part of the video where you seem me touch the pool floor, I generally turn around before then and just spend the entire time doing laps in the middle deep portion, but I was walking to the camera.

In watching the video, I am amazed. First off, my husband is right, I look stupid. Second, this looks like I am really running kind of hard, and I definitely feel like I'm putting forth an effort, but I didn't realize it appeared this fast. Thirdly, when I'm pool running, I feel as though I am completely erect, this video clearly shows I am slightly hunched and my quick leg turnover is very circular, not quite extending the legs all the way down, more as though I was biking. Fourth, the arms appear to be moving pretty good, where I feel as though there is a very small range of motion and they are rested toward the side of my body and my legs are really doing the work.

Per my previous post regarding pool running, so that they are all in one place. Some of the things I founds were:

  • Every minute pool running is equal to a minute running on land. So if you exchange minute for minute, you have your run. My hour pool run became a 6 mile run. An hour and ½ became a 10 mile run and my 2 hour pool run became a 13 mile run. (and yes, I’ve run 3 hours and called them 20, but I think those days are over ;)
  • Form, I’ve read a lot of different articles on form, some seem focused on intervals and speed work. I try to work on quick leg turnover and not so much upper body work. It’s taken me a few trial and errors on this and I still come back to quick leg turnover being key to this being a successful workout.
  • Music, my waterman mp3 player got water in it and took a month to dry out. It was a long month. I highly recommend anyone who is really going to use this for cross training to get some tunes. Otherwise, it’s hell.  My newest one is similar to this one, here.

  • Make sure you have a deep area, don’t let your feet touch bottom and make sure you are not crunched up like you are sitting when you are running, your body should be erect.
  • I recently found a site that told me how many calories I burn when I tread water, which I think is pretty much the same as how I pool run, and I was thrilled that my 1 ½ hours in the pool burned as many calories as a 10 mile run.
  • Make sure your belt is tight around your waist. Perhaps a little too tight. I've noticed mine start slipping up the back and then it messes up your whole form, lurches you in a very forward position and bothers your back a little.
  • A big thing I've really noticed is my legs feel very muscular at the end of the workout, but they don't hurt or feel sore, like they do at the end of an equivalent time spent running. 
  • In winter 2010, a teammate broke her foot.  She is a fastie and started doing all her workouts in the pool.  Basically running all of her long runs, intervals, tempos and easy runs in the pool.  Seven weeks later, she returned to the track, with no loss of fitness, still kicking ass.  She has kept her pool running as part of her training regimen and has blogged about her journey hereIf you have any doubt pool running will keep you in shape, she will smash it.
  • Another Fastie Teammate was stuck in the pool during the summer 2011 and came up with some great pool running workouts.  Read her post about them here.

Happy Pool Runnings!

** Please note that I will update this post with links and additional bullets to keep most of the goodies in one place.

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad I found your blog!! I have shin splints right now and need to rest them a bit. I am training for a marathon in October and want to keep up my fitness. I've heard so many things about pool running and would like to start doing it. I wasn't quite sure how to do it properly. This post is awesome, thanks!