Thursday, May 20, 2010

Three Things on a Fierce Thursday

"I love it when a plan comes together." - Hannibal Smith, The A Team

It's been a little tough getting back to Shangri-La since vacation.  Last week, both my track sessions were pretty tough.  I decided to hook up with a few of my fellow pals and race The Mile at the track.  It's been about two years since I raced the mile, with my best time being 6:17.  It was when I first started training with Capital Area Runners and I was hopeful if I kept training, by the end of summer, I'd see under 6.  I never did.

Early this spring, as I played in Shangri-La, I thought if I raced a mile then, I might see under 6.  But, I never did, vacation came, Mai-Tai's along with it and now I'm back to reality.  Coach George told me I needed to go out and race the mile and just do it.

Three things happened:
1.  I went in just hoping to beat my PR of 6:17 - I PR'd with 6:13  I hit the 800 at 3:10, so I was pleased that I was still able to push a little more the 2nd half.  Who cares that I was the last one to cross the finish line?
2.  Jessica got under 6, which is what she was aiming for, now she's got some new goals.
3.  This Tuesday, 2 days after the mile race, our interval session was mile repeats (I love me mile repeats).  I was smoking!  I felt great, it felt easy, comfortable and after 3, I felt I still had another in the tank.  Who knew that racing a mile was going to finally purge out the last remnants of Hawaii?

Now the goal is to get under 6 by the end of summer!  Let's see if I can do it!  Oh yeah, Coach George ran the mile too, he's back into his training mode, he ran 5:17.  He said he wants to get under 5 by summers end.  Who will get their goal first?  My money's on George, since he has the muscle memory of having run in the 4's and I've never seen the 5's!  But let's make it a challenge, shall we? 

How did me, the girls and the coach celebrate running our mile? We headed over to Carderock where we ran another 8 miles, the fasties a bit ahead of me, luckily coach George stayed behind to run my slower pace and keep me company.

Everything's coming together post vacation, just like I planned... ;)  Lawyers Have a Heart 10k is only 3 weeks away, hopefully tempo will show me some good signs tomorrow!  Happy Thursday everyone!

Mile Warriors:


  1. Hmm I seem to remember someone running several 2:57 800s with ease recently! You can do that again, and you can break 6! See you bright and early tomorrow :-)

  2. Wow - nice job on the PR! Way to shake those legs out!

  3. Niiiice!! A great time. Go for that sub-six! BTW--up here in Howard County we have a "meet of the miles" in mid July each year. You get to race a mile on the track. They separate it out by gender. Might be a great shot at doing it (competition always helps)

  4. Thanks Miss Zippy, it was an all-comers meet so it was timed professionally, but maybe come July we will trek up to Howard County! We def want to do it again! :)