Monday, September 23, 2013

Navy Air Force Half Marathon & Navy 5 Miler Photos - 2013

Last weekend, Dash & I went to spectate the Navy Air Force Half Marathon & Navy 5 Miler.  We had some peeps running and we wanted to cheer them on!

My photos are located HERE!

We got to DC, parked and realized, It's a beautiful day for a run in our Nation's Capital!

We saw a few peeps, was informed they switched both courses, so now we would be able to spectate both the Half Marathon & the 5 miler.    We wished our peeps luck and headed out to spectate.

Dash made me stop for a picture:

and then we proceeded to watch the race begin.  

One of our runners is also in the Coast Guard, so he reps them proudly during military races.  He ran away from the pack at the start.

We then scurried over to Hains Point to watch the start of the 5 miler,where Dash patiently awaited her peeps.

These two lovely ladies nabbed AG awards and PRs!

The race was a little hectic, the Half Marathon finished on the 5 miler course, and so the faster Half Marathon runners wound up running into the end of the 5 mile race.  Luckily, Pat had some escorts to clear his path through the crowd.

After Pat passed us, we ran to the other side of Hains Point and watched the rest of the race.

Pat wound up winning, with a 3 minute PR!
So this one cop says to the other, "Hey, I think we've got a tail."

One of our ladies was 3rd in the 5 Miler!

Along with another of our ladies nabbing 3rd OAF in the Half:

 Dash may have missed some of the action

Of course, we had loads of great results, many of PR's, a few men in the top 10, and lots of fun!

We totally missed this girl in the race, but luckily found her to congratulate her afterwards!

The next race we plan on spectating at is MCM!!!  Dash is in training!


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